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All New Mighty Wheels

SmartZone (HK) is excited to announce that we are now the new home of MIGHTY WHEELS; one of the most trusted brands of heavy duty toy vehicles for over thirty-five years. During our 35 years of excellence in the toy industry, Mighty Wheels has become a trusted household brand for little boys to bring imagination and play to life with a variety of sizes of bright, colorful trucks, tractors, forklifts, fire trucks and more for your little boy(s) to tinker and toy with.

In keeping with the tradition of quality craftsmanship and production, Mighty Wheels have rolled their way into SmartZone, Ltd. through acquisition from Soma International, Ltd., the company for which SmartZone was already manufacturing this product. This means that customers can continue to count on heavy duty, steel and plastic toys with the same durability, longevity, and quality they have grown accustomed to all these years.

Every buyer can look forward to a mighty good, mighty strong, mighty durable, mighty fun, MIGHTY WHEELS truck for their kid(s) to have fun with for a mighty long time. Mighty Wheels trucks and vehicles are the special toy that can be passed on from father to son down to the third and fourth generations. What a mighty great memory to share and a mighty fine family tradition to begin.

Future construction workers, fire and emergency personnel, and farmers are all ready to put their little imaginations to the test in your living room with our new for 2018 line of Mighty Wheels which feature 20”, 16”, 7”, and 4.75” size scales for ages 3 and up.

As always, Mighty Wheels continues to offer strong, long-lasting, safe, durable toys at a most affordable cost. We hope your son(s) continues to enjoy the age-old tradition of making kids’ smiles shine mighty brightly with MIGHTY WHEELS!

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