Smart Zone PAST HITS

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Smart Zone has designed, developed and manufactured a variety of different toys, accessories and games throughout the years. Below are examples of the work that Smart Zone created. 

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Girl Time®


Girls really do want to have fun! They also want to wear stylish clothes, play sports, be princesses and accessorize! GirlTime® Dolls and accessories help a girl do just that. Time to have some fun and get the girls together for a fashionable time! 

Ruff n Tuff


Ruff N Tuff trucks came in a variety of sizes, shapes and truck. 

Flutter bugz


Flutterbugz are bugs that really flutter on your finger! Each bug ring shaped legs slip onto a finger, press the button and watch them flutter! The Firefly even has a light up tail! 

Dragon Splash


Have fun and make a big splash with the Dragon Splash toys.

Glamour Girls


These gorgeous dolls has hair that grows and hair to style! Poseable. Silky, hair that grows to her toes! Pull her hair to make it long, wind it up to make it short.

Plushie Packs


These adorable back packs looks like stuffed toys! Each character comes as a back pack, lunch box and roll a long trolley suitcase. Perfect for Daycare or spending the weekend with Grandma. Made from sturdy neoprene fabric.

Monster Crash


Explore the world of Monster Crash. Monster game and sports that are ColorFun and gets kids moving while having a blast using their imagination.