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44 Cats®


Smart Zone is PROUD to introduce our 44 Cats® toys! We have developed a line of Dolls, Game and Lights!

DOLLS! The 44 Cats Dolls includes 3 sizes. Baby Dolls, Kid Dolls and miniature dolls. The Baby Dolls are 12” tall and come with their own Buffy Cats onesie that include a tail, a hood with ears and a white baby bottle The Kid Dolls are 10.5 tall and come with their own Buffy Cats outfit that include a tail, a hood with ears and also feature realistic hair and 44 Cats Masks. The Miniature Dolls are 4.5” tall and come with their own Buffy Cats clothes that include a tail, a hood with ears and also feature realistic hair.

GAMES! The 44 Cats games feature 8 different fun games for kids. There’s 4 Paws in a Row, the Ladder Game, Boppin-Poppin Paws, Tabletop Basketball, Buffycats Skee Ball, Tic Toss Pawesome, Tabletop Hockey and Catch a Cat Bingo. In 4 Paws in a Row simply slide down a disc in the slots on the top. First to get 4 of their color in a row wins! In the Ladder Game roll the dice to move your Buffycat up ladders or down slides. First to Granny Wins In Boppin-Poppin Paws attach the paw paddle to your finger at swat away at the yellow balls that pop up! In the Tabletop Basketball Game flick the ball and score the most points by sinking a shot into the hoops. In Buffy Cats Skee Ball roll the ball across the slanted board and into the different point slots to see who get the high score. In Tic Toss Pawesome try to get 3 of your 44 Cats Character in a row by tossing the bags into the slots. The Tabletop Hockey Game can be played like hockey with the pucks or like an pin ball machine with the balls. And in Catch-A-Cat Bingo flip over the cards and put a marker on the matching cat and be the first to get 5 cats in a row.

LIGHTS! The 44 Cats Lite’em Up lights, feature finger lights, microphone lights, camera lights and a projector! The Lite’em Up finger lights are easy to use and simply slip on any finger and project a single scene with the push of the button and come in many different colors. The Lite’em Up Microphone lights have a Buffycat laying on top a play microphone the lights up in the front with either a paw print shape or a 44 Cats Shape. They also play music with push of a button so you can pretend to sing along. The Lite’em Up Camera light reveal a hidden play camera. With a push of a button the Buffycat’s head pops up and a light shines with either a paw print shape or a 44 Cats shape. And the Lite’em Up Projector shines different 44 Cats scenes on the wall. Rotate one of the 3 discs to reveal different scenes and moments from the TV show.



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